Gonzo Rally Introduction

The Gonzo Road Trip Rally sends multiple teams in cars zig-zagging America, equipped with cameras and constantly-connected mobile devices.

Teams embark on road quests that would make Horatio Nelson Jackson sit up in his coffin and salute.

As a driver, you’ll careen off the highway, make tons of u-turns, wrong turns, missed turns, meet personalities — and capture it all as you go in photos, videos, and self-broadcasting of all sorts.

The focus isn’t on high-performance cars (though they aren’t disqualified), or speed records. Instead, there’s a focus on the adventure of being on the road, inspired by the discoveries of other teams, egged on by online followers.

Back at home, your trip will be the ultimate in vicarious adventure, as friends and family follow you and the other teams in real time while you pillage the countryside. Every day you’ll post the kind of American road stories everyone who isn’t dead yearns for.

Here are more details:

Inspiration for Gonzo Road Trip Rally

  1. Teams will be provided with 6 Waypoints (oddball roadside attractions to help each team hit their minimum mileage) that they must visit before arriving at the official Rally Finale in Colorado Springs.
  2. Teams must prove they visited the official geographic center of the contiguous 48 states near Lebanon, Kansas.
  3. Each team should also record a minimum of 5 Discoveries (persons, places, or things of interest that have no entry on Wikipedia or Roadside America).
  4. In order to be eligible for the winning vote, a team’s submitted Discoveries must be approved by a consensus of competing team members.
  5. Official travel activity can only occur between June 29th, 2012 and July 6th, 2012.

Wanna do it? Find a car and a teammate and join the drive!

Here’s just part of the drive that inspired founder Jeff Diehl to start the Gonzo Rally…